The Omaha Sports Hall of Fame was founded in 2006 with the goal of providing a permanent place to honor individuals with strong ties to Omaha and who have achieved tremendous success through athletics. The Omaha Sports Hall of Fame honors athletes and coaches who have highly excelled on their field of play. The Hall welcomes nominations of individuals who are either originally from Omaha or have spent a significant amount of time in the community.

The Omaha Sports Hall of Fame is currently housed at the Durham Museum in downtown Omaha.

“Teaming up with the Omaha Sports Commission will allow our organizations the ability to honor athletic achievement in our community in a manner that truly acknowledges individual and team excellence.”


Omaha Sports Hall of Fame


Past Inductions


Class of 2019

Angee Henry Nott

Brad Hildebrandt

Andre Woolridge

1989 Millard South High School Boy’s Basketball Team

Class of 2016

Dana Altman

1996 Creighton Soccer Team

Ron Kellogg

Jed Ortmeyer

Alice Schmidt

Grant Simmons

Kerry Trotter

Class of 2015

Bruce Benedict

Ken Geddes

Peaches James

Christy Johnson-Lynch

Charles “Deacon” Jones

Omaha – 1935 Triple Crown winner

1985 Omaha Creighton Prep Football

Class of 2014

Ted Baer

Chris Bober

Rik Bonness

Phil Cahoy Jr.

Phill Cahoy Sr.

Mike Kemp

Mike McGee

Christy Neneman

Heather Taggert-Long

Dean Thompson Jr.

1963-65 Omaha Ryan Pepsi Baseball Team


Class of 2013

Sandy Buda

Dr. Jack Lewis

Jerry Murtaugh

Wally Provost

Rose Shires

Connie Yori

1963 Omaha Tech Basketball Team

Class of 2012

Lyell Bremser

Al Caniglia

Tom Jaworski

Kelly Lindsay

Red McManus

Erick Strickland

1982 Westside Football Team

Class of 2011

Don Benning

Pat Fischer

Dave Hoppen

Susan Marchese

Jack Payne

1991 Creighton Baseball Team

Class of 2010

Ron Boone

Jackie Brandt

Jack Diesing Sr.

Jack Diesing Jr.

Bob Gates

Mary Higgins

Motto McClean

Larry Station

Rosenblatt Stadium

1954-55 Omaha University Football Team


Class of 2009

Mike Denny

Maurtice Ivy

Tom Novak

Bill Olson

Gregg Olson

Bob Warming

Allison Weston

Class of 2008

Johnny Goodman

Ahman Green

Jim Hartung

Don Leahy

Bruce Rasmussen

Class of 2007

Bob Boozer

Marlin Briscoe

Connie Claussen

Eric Crouch

Bob Gibson

Nile Kinnick

Dave Rimington

Johnny Rodgers

Gale Sayers

Roger Sayers


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